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A little bit about us...​

Clubaly, the fundraising platform for sports clubs, was the brainchild of uncle and nephew duo Robbie and Alan. Both men have been deeply involved in the worlds of business and sports throughout their lives, and they had long been aware of the difficulties that clubs and teams face when it comes to securing the funding they need to operate.


One day, while sitting in the office, Robbie and Alan were discussing how they were going to raise the money needed to purchase new jerseys for Alan's daughter's sports team. The team was a vital part of the community, but like many clubs, it struggled to secure funding. This led Robbie and Alan to wonder why there wasn't a dedicated solution for clubs and teams to raise money.


After doing some research, they found that there were a few fundraising platforms available, but none of them were tailored specifically to the needs of sports clubs. This realisation sparked an idea, and Robbie and Alan decided to create Clubaly.


Clubaly was designed to make it easy for sports clubs to fundraise for their teams. The platform provides a variety of different fundraising options, including donation campaigns, and more. It also includes tools that allow clubs to track their progress and communicate with their supporters, making the fundraising process as simple and streamlined as possible.


With Clubaly, Robbie and Alan aimed to empower sports clubs to raise the funds they need to continue providing valuable programs and activities to their communities. They understood that sports clubs are more than just a hobby, they are a critical aspect of the communities they serve, promoting physical fitness, teamwork, and camaraderie.


Since the launch of Clubaly, it has helped countless sports clubs to raise the money they need to continue operating and providing their communities with valuable programs. Robbie and Alan are proud of the impact Clubaly has made, and they continue to work on improving and expanding the platform to help even more clubs and teams in the future.

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Features & Benefits

Club Dashboard

Manage all your clubs fundraising from a single dashboard. Publish, edit and review all funsraising efforts.

Funds deposited direct to Club

All funds that are raised, no matter which team it is for, will be lodged directly to your club account on a monthly basis.

Simple Setup

You can create, personalise and share your Clubaly fundraising efforts in just a few minutes.

Social Interaction

Share your fundraiser via Email, WhatsApp and other social media channels to reach as many donors as possible.

Unlimited Fundraisers

You can run as many fundraisers as you want. If you have 40+ teams, each one can have their own page for fundraising. Teams can even have more than one.

Thank your donors

Say thank you and send a personal message to your donors via the Clubaly dashboard.

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