Best practices for sport team crowdfunding

Best practices for sport team crowdfunding

Highlight your team’s strengths

Promote your team on your fundraiser page by highlighting their past achievements, awards, and unique qualities. Consider including a photo and personal bio for each team member. The more personal the connection, the more likely people will be to donate.

Spread the word

Now is the time to promote your team’s fundraiser in every way possible, through Facebook, text messaging, face-to-face interactions, and emails. Kick off the fundraising by encouraging the first donations and remind your supporters that even if they can’t donate, they can still share your fundraiser link with their own networks.

Keep your supporters informed

Even your most dedicated supporters can miss some games. Use your fundraiser as a hub for all updates and photos from the team so that everyone can stay informed and continue to support the team. Check out our tips for writing effective fundraiser updates.

Express gratitude

Show your appreciation for the supporters by expressing your gratitude for their kindness and generosity. Let them know that their efforts were appreciated, whether the team wins or loses. Send thank-you messages to donors to show them how much their contributions mean to the team.

Remember, teamwork is key

Sports team fundraising is a great way to bring your team together and work towards a common goal. Crowdfunding is the ideal solution for obtaining new uniforms or funding travel to a tournament. Start your fundraiser today and see the results teamwork can bring.