How it works?

How your fundraisers work

1. Start your fundraiser
  • Set your fundraiser goal
  • Tell your story about your club or team
  • Add pictures and videos
  • If you have specific items, add them eg. jerseys 
2. Share with friends
  • Send emails to people or businesses
  • Send text/WhatsApp messages
  • Share on social media
  • Shout from the top of a building (safely)
3. Manage donations
  • Accept donations
  • Thank and respond to sponsors
  • Withdraw funds
Step 1

Get signed up

Once you click the "Get Started" follow on simple on screen instructions to get signed up to Clubaly. 

Step 2

Create a campgain

Once you have completed your registration you will be brought to your Club Dashboard as per below. Click on "ADD NEW CAMPAIGN" and you will be brought to your campaign creation page.

Step 3

Submit campgain

Fill all your campaign details in on the page. Remember to be as detailed as possible. Add your images, set your campaign goal, set a deadline etc. Once completed click "Submit Campaign." That's it, your first fundraising campaign will be live.... Congratulations!!

Step 4

View your campaign

Now that your campaign is completed you can share it to potential donors, send it to team members, send into WhatsApp group etc. Now it's time to put the push on. Below is an example of what your campaign will look like.

Ready to Raise Funds for your Club?

Fundraising for your club

Features & Benefits

Club Dashboard

Manage all your clubs fundraising from a single dashboard. Publish, edit and review all funsraising efforts.

Funds deposited direct to Club

All funds that are raised, no matter which team it is for, will be lodged directly to your club account on a monthly basis.

Simple Setup

You can create, personalise and share your Clubaly fundraising efforts in just a few minutes.

Social Interaction

Share your fundraiser via Email, WhatsApp and other social media channels to reach as many donors as possible.

Unlimited Fundraisers

You can run as many fundraisers as you want. If you have 40+ teams, each one can have their own page for fundraising. Teams can even have more than one.

Thank your donors

Say thank you and send a personal message to your donors via the Clubaly dashboard.

Ready to Raise Funds for your Club?