Our pricing & fees

Clubaly is a fundraising platform designed specifically for clubs and organisations. A key benefit of using Clubaly is that there is no platform fee for using the service, which means that all of the funds raised through the platform go directly to the club or organization.


There is a small transaction fee that is applied to each donation made through the platform. This fee is used to cover the cost of processing each transaction and is generally a standard practice among online fundraising platforms.

Clubaly platform fee

  • There is no fee to start a Clubaly fundraising campaign, or to use the platform ongoing.

Transaction fee

2.9% + 29c
  • Per Donation
  • Including debit and credit charges

Total Fees

2.9% + 29c
  • Per Donation
  • Beneficiaries receive the amount donated, minus total fees

The transaction fee is typically a small percentage of the overall donation and does not significantly impact the amount of funds raised for your club. Additionally, Clubaly provides easy setup and management of fundraising campaigns, making it a great option for clubs and organizations of all sizes. With Clubaly, you can focus on raising funds for your club's mission while being transparent and clear about the transaction fee.


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